Drysuit specialty #39

Drysuit specialty #39

Fra 23.09.2020 17:00 indtil 23.09.2020 20:30

Ved Lindgreens Allé 6, 2300 København S, Danmark



  • Theory, dry training and diving

  • When the water temeprature during autumn and winter drops more and more, the visibilty in our waters get better and better. Therefore, it is s great time of the year to go diving but for most divers it requires a dry suit. To be able to dive safely and have fun, you will learn important skills and build up confidence with a dry suit during the course. We will also teach you about different types of suits, undergarment, valves and other fittings and accessories. And in addition - and very important - how you maintain and care for your dry suit.


  • Course Plan

  • Week 39
    Wednesday at 1700-2030 (Theory)
    Saturday at 0900-1800 (Confined water training & 2 dives in Øresund)
  • Instructor

  • Dave


Prepare well in advance

It is important that you are well-prepared in due time before the course begins. You have to have gone through all the digital material and have completed the online tests as the lessons expand on this.

Create a Diver Profile at www.divessi.com 

When you have created a diver profile at the website of the diving organisation, divessi.com, a member of staff will process your registration and payment/invoice, and you will get access to the digital training material. Remember to upload a passport style photo for the certification card for when you pass the course. When you have logged in, you will find the Dry Suit training material under "My Courses".
Remember, you have to have gone through all the digital training material and the test questions before the first day of the course.

Medical Statement

Please download and fill in the "Medical Self-Declaration" well in time before the course starts. Please be aware that you may have to see a doctor before you can start the course. If you have any questions, please do no  hesitate to contacting us. 




You will receive a discount when you choose to buy equipment before and during the course. Please come and see us in the shop for advice.

Please let us know when you sign up what equipment you need to rent, i.e. cylinder, gloves, BCD etc.
What to bring
You need to bring your own base layer -preferably (merino) wool)- and wolly socks. Also, bring your own diving equipment if you have.


Requirements for Participation

You must

- be  minimum 12 years of age

- be certified as Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver

- be able to swim 200 meter and tread water for 10 minutes

- have prepared the digital material including the tests. Please make sure to log-out or syncronize when done.

- be at good health. Please fill in the Medical self-declaration or if needed the medical statement (Reed more under the tap "Preparation").


Sign up

You will have to sign up well in advance and latest a week before the course starts. You can sign up at the top of the page by pressing the button "Tilmeld" OR you can drop by at ScubaGear, Lindgreens Alle 6, 2300 København S.

Minimum participants: 3 students (Max. 4 students) You will be notifed approximately 4-5 days before the course starts in case we would have to postpone the course due to too few participants.

Price & Payment

DKK 1.445,-

DKK 1.300,- (ScubaGears club members)

Your space on the course is not secured until ScubaGear has received your payment.
The price includes digital learning material, use of dry suit, hood and fins (if you have not purchased you own), all teaching and a digital certification (please download the "MySSI app)

Not included: Use of other rental equipment other than mentioned, transportation to the dive site.

Digitalt material

To prepare for your course, you wil get access to an extended digital material package.

The package consists of:

• Digital SSI certifikate

• Digital training material including video streaming

• Interaktive quizzes, personal notes og bookmark funtion

• Digital logbook incl a 2 years licens via the divessi app

• Both online og offline access via the divessi app on up to three 3 platforms

Physical certification card - C-CARD

DKK 95,-



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  • Gravatar Maria Salling
  • Gravatar Julian Pueschel

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