Der findes en del forskellige systemer, og vi lagerfører de mest populære fra SI TECH SWEDEN og WATERPROOF. 

Whatever type of diver you are or what kind of diving you are into, SI TECH has the Dry Glove Solution covering your needs. SI TECH has been providing recreational, military and industrial divers with Dry Glove Solutions since early 70´s. We are constantly developing our range of Dry Glove Solutions and hope you will find this short brief about our different Dry Glove Systems elpful.

Quick Glove - First generation Dry Glove System


Simple to doff and donn. The Quick Glove was the first dynamic Dry Glove System with rotating parts simplifying doffing of the
system. The system is still very popular among a great variety of divers within both the recreational and technical community.

Quick Glove - benefits:

  • Quick donning and doffing
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to handle, easy to maintain 

Ensure the O-ring stays in place when you press the system together!

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Glove Lock QCP - Twist Lock Function


The Glove Lock QCP is a heavy duty Dry Glove System with a sturdy construction. It is designed for the recreational and technical diver in need of a dry glove system with a close to "bullet proof" locking solution. The Glove Lock QCP has a twist lock ring similar to a classic "bayonet" grip lock. It is easy to operate and will also work great for divers with larger hand sizes.

Glove Lock QCP - benefits:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Reliable locking mechanism
  • Easy to handle, easy to maintain

The Glove Lock QCP will sometimes create a grinding sound when you rotate the locking ring. This is intended and indicates that you have proper tolerances between the sealing surfaces.

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ANTARES - When size matters


The ANTARES Dry Glove System is a revolution of its kind; the first Dry Glove System with an oval ring design. The system is focusing on the recreational diver in need of a narrow, slim and comfortable Dry Glove System. The oval design and the unique locking system of the ANTARES demands more of the diver - but when getting familiar with the system it will be a great asset.

ANTARES - benefits:

  • Quick donning and doffing
  • Narrow and comfortable
  • Easy to maintain

Ensure no undergarments get stuck between the latch arms and the locking grooves. ANTARES will sometimes demand a little bit more from the diver when donning the system. However, when you understand how to work with the system it will do the job.

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VIRGO handske system
VIRGO er udviklet til samme ringsystem som ANTARES, dvs du kan her få et rundt system i stedet for det ovale, som KAN give folk med store hænder lidt problemer.



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Bungee Cord, 4 mm, black, 1 m

Kategori: TECH tilbehør
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Vores Pris: DKK 12,00

Xdeep NX Series Bolt Snap

Kategori: Clips og karabiner
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Vores Pris: DKK 95,00

Divers Alert Marker PRO 120 cm CC Pink Small OPV

Kategori: BØJER OG SMB
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Vores Pris: DKK 395,00

O-ring till anslutningsring Quick Glove

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Kategori: Tørhandsker
Vejl. Pris: DKK 34,00
Vores Pris: DKK 34,00



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