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W3 Fullsuit 3,5mm (Udgået model)

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Varm 3,5 mm perfekt til dykning under de varemere himmelstrøg og til snorkling i Danmark. Med plysfór og dobbeltmanchetter for ekstra varme. Her får du en varm 3,5mm dragt.

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Modellen er udgået – få størrelser tilbage – KØB NU!

W3 3,5mm Overall

he Waterproof W3 3.5mm wetsuit was actually designed to mark the 25th anniversary of Waterproof and this special suit benefited from all the features and technologies found in some of their thicker suits to make this a unique wetsuit for the discerning diver or snorkeler.

The W3 is a very comfortable and well-fitting suit with close attention being paid to panel shape for a sculpted suit rather than something that is forced to fit. The suit is made from 100% microcell CR neoprene which may be more expensive but results in better insulation and durability.

As with all Waterproof wetsuit, the W3 is loaded with features that make the suit not only look good but work really well too. Starting at the top there is a comfort zip at the neck to make the suit more comfortable when moving around on the surface pre and post dive, reinforced and antislip shoulder details help to keep BCD straps in place,flex panels on the elbows and knees provide better freedom of movement, an anti-abrasion and anti-slip finish on the seat helps stop you sliding on wet seats, polyurethane reinforced knee pads provide extra protection in this high wear area, zipped wrist and ankles with double seals help prevent flush and a high quality YKK rear zip provides smooth and easy movement.

Efterfølgeren til denne dragt er W5 fullsuit 3,5mm.


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