Hydro Seals Ear Plugs

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Hydro Seals Ørepropper

Ørepropper til dykning. Oplever du problemer med irriterede øregange under snorkling og dykning, så har du fundet det rigtige produkt.

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Introducing the new standard in ear protection technology: Hydro Seals by JBL. Ergonomically designed to fit the human ear, Hydro Seals provide a comfortable way to block water intrusion while ensuring a secure fit without the hassle of a leash. Constructed of medical grade silicone, the soft, dual baffles offer a unique double barrier against water entrance. Hydro Seals provide a no-compromise solution to ear safety for the surfer, diver, and swimmers of the world.

Features include:

• Doctor recommended.
• Hypoallergenic.
• Only three sizes required to fit most ears: Small, Medium, and Large.
• Preformed left (clear) and right (red) plugs for custom fit.
• Dual baffle design locks into the inner ear. Keeping Hydro Seals in and water out of
the ear canal.

• Exclusive Hocks Noise Braker allows user to pressure clear their ears
• Users can hear normal sounds with Hydro Seals inserted in the ear.
• Prevents infection and intrusion of water in the ear canal.

Picking the right size:

Hydro Seals come available in three easy to stock

Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

Fitting is
determined by the size of the user’s concha bowl.
Note that medium fits most people. Small is
recommended for all sizes smaller than ¾ in, medium
for anything between ¾ – 1 ¼, and large for those
over 1 ¼ inches.