Waterproof W30 Fullsuit 2,5mm

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Waterproofs W30 2.5MM i sportsserien

Seneste variant af W30 våddragten. Stærk neopren, varmere end den sædvanlige 2-3mm dragt og i et fedt design.

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Det er den nye variant af W30 hvor farven på printet er en anelse mere blågrøn end den tidligere model, som var grøn.

At times we are told that our suits are too warm and excessively well-built. We are willing to live with that kind of criticism. To address the fact that our standard suits are considered too warm under certain circumstances, we devised a clever solution. We recommend that you buy a thinner suit – preferably the W30 Sport Series from Waterproof.

To keep the professional divers happy, the Waterproof W30 2.5mm full-suit features a unique and clever gadget, the WPAD™. The WPAD™, or the Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock, is an artfully constructed docking station located on the right hip to accommodate a full line of new accessories, like pockets, lamps and speargun holders.

As a disclaimer we must confess that the W30, unfortunately, suffers from the same ailments as our standard collection, it looks smart and it is well constructed, the fit is excellent and it is probably too warm and comfortable as well. Unfortunately, we can’t help but produce our suits this way.